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Our Vision

The vast majority of computers everyone interacts with on a daily basis are embedded systems. These integrated computer systems are used in a lot of different ways to control or monitor certain enviroments, ranging from the control unit in an autonomous electric car to devices for the internet-of-things.

Developing these embedded systems is complicated and time consuming. You need highly skilled hard- and software development experts to succeed. But even in a world, where the number of electronics is increasing rapidly, the number of people who are capable of developing those systems is declining.

We believe that creativity is for humans and work is for machines. We enable more people to take part in difficult development processes by radically lowering know-how barriers. Welcome to a new exciting world, where everyone can take part and no one is left behind.

Easy to use

No special know-how in electronics or software development is needed. Every technical person can use our tool.

Full automation

Our intelligent algorithms automatically develop embedded source code, schematics and PCB layouts. The starting point is an abstract description of the functionality of the control unit in the form of a block diagram.


Our tool enables improved collaboration within and between development teams through a unified user interface. Through the abstract representation of the control unit based on functional modules, everyone can participate in its development.

Welcome to a new exciting world where everyone can participate in the implementation of digitization through electronics!


About Us

contunity empowers you to build your own digital control unit. Simply use our drag-and-drop online editor and we will take care of the rest – never worry about embedded code, schematics or PCB-layouts again. Our online SaaS platform uses intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence for automating the development process of embedded systems, based on an easy-to-use graphical user interface.



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contunity is funded under the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.