All steps in one package

Functional description

Describe your electronics design using block diagrams, functional modules, connections and parameters, allowing all stakeholders to understand what will be done

Use pre-selected, industry-proven functionality blocks to describe your system

Hardware implementation

Circuit implementations are selected automatically according to the functionalities on the block diagram, in order to meet all the design criteria

Trade-off analysis are made between different blocks and components that are suitable for the application, and selected according to user’s criteria (cost, area, no. of components, etc.)

Automatic component placement and routing on the board, which can be further customized by the user if desired

Component selections and final BOM is automatically generated based on previous steps and allow for pricing and availability check, to minimize cost and prototype delivery time

Embedded Software implementation

Generate the embedded source code for your board microcontroller automatically using application source code and hardware abstraction layer (HAL) libraries of functions

Synthesis of application code structure using industry-standard methodologies and model-based generation

HAL libraries developed by the microcontroller manufacturer provide robustness and in-depth understanding of the peripherals

Simulate functionality

Create use-cases for your system inputs and check if the outputs are as expected for your application

Spend your time on what really adds value: No complex setup of simulation parameters is needed

Download files for MATLAB® Simulink® to simulate your board behavior and interaction with other systems

Request prototype

Request samples of your electronic boards for testing and validation on your target application

Learn fast about the real performance of your board and get early feedback from your customers

Use automated circuit and embedded software design and maximize engineering speed and capabilities!

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Some of the best features

Learn fast from your real boards and embedded software and increase the pace of prototyping cycles.
We use Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Supervised Learning to estimate needed configurations and other parameters for converting your input specification into actual hardware designs for electronics.

Easy Workflow

Visual, guided workflow with block diagrams and parametrization to enable customization without losing track of the important things


Automatic selection of the best-fitted circuit models and components to implement a set of features based on best practices, automatic trade-off analysis and machine learning algorithms


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for automatic embedded source code generation


Full transparency with downloadable and editable engineering files and a prototyping service for small series production