Our Vision

We imagine a world where everyone can easily develop electronics. Through automation and artificial intelligence, our online platform radically reduces know-how barriers. With our technology, we enable more people and companies to actively engage in topics such as IoT or digitization.The development of these embedded systems and control devices is complicated and time consuming. Highly qualified specialists are needed for hardware and software development. Despite the increasing demand for ECUs, the number of people who can develop these systems is declining.

Our Story

contunity is based on the long-standing experience of our CEO Tobias Pohl in embedded systems development that started several years ago at the Automotive Chair of Technical University of Munich. Through his experience, Tobias realized that the current development process of embedded systems is inefficient and unnecessarily costly, especially with regard to individualized products or prototypes. Since then this topic has been under thorough scientific investigations and research that includes several Theses as of now. The recent results of these studies show that the development of embedded systems can be improved in various aspects. In this context, the use of automation and digital development tools is a key success factor. Based on those results and input from leading industry experts, contunity has been developing a rapid engineering solution for embedded systems development, under the supervision of our CTO Alexander Pohl and CPO André Alcalde.


Tobias Pohl

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Pohl

Chief Technology Officer

André Alcalde

Head of Product

Company Values

We envision a world where everyone can build electronics easily.
Everyone should be able to take part in the development of future technologies.

Role of robots

Responsibility is for humans. Work is for machines.


Everyone is free to achieve well-being, performance and personal development.


Datadriven decisions are the basis for consensus and responsability.


Growth is achieved through active learning and efficient tools.


Feedback is direct,
honest and is taken seriously.

Stakeholder principle

The opinion of everyone is considered, who is affected by a decision.


Team interactions are based on respect, tolerance and helping each other.


Long-term effects are evaluated in every decision to make the future better.